Walkabout Harness Review

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The original Walkabout Back End Harness is a hind limb mobility aid.

For over 30 years, it has been recommended by rehabilitation and veterinary specialists. In fact, if you’re looking for a rear support harness, it’s probably one of the first names you considered.

The Walkabout Harness is a great mobility aid for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, spinal trauma, surgery, knee injuries, degenerative myelopathy, amputations, general fatigue, and IVDD.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what makes the harness so effective, plus we’ll explore the full range of different harness options – and the type of support available to improve your best pal’s mobility.

Walkabout Harnesses Review

Walkabout Harness Review

Due to its efficiency, the Walkabout Harness is seen as one of the most effective and trusted support harnesses on the market today.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is slowing down due to getting older or recovering from surgery or injury; this special dog harness can let you lift them easily and comfortably when required.

It can be used when helping your dog climb steps, on and off furniture, into and out of cars safely, or simply to provide assistance during walks.

Another benefit about this harness is that it can help stop you from injuring your back when you have to give your dog a boost.

Walkabout Harnesses are created by a company using the same name. It was founded by Cathy Erwin back in 1986 with a mission to provide effective and safe products to aid the rehabilitation of physically challenged pets.

The products are endorsed by the American College of Veterinary surgeons, countless teaching University Hospitals, and the Canine Rehabilitation Certification program at the University of Tennessee.


  • Walkabout harnesses have been developed through clinical observations on dogs in major rehabilitation and veterinary facilities.
  • The materials used are extremely soft thanks to the cushioning that prevents injury.
  • Inexpensive


  • Walkabout harnesses are not made for larger breed dogs

What We Like About The Harness

Walkabout Harnesses Review

Walkabout harnesses are constructed from comfortable and durable materials that can cushion your dog’s body, protecting it from pressure sores.

Think of these harnesses like shorts as they can fit around your dog’s hips and rear end to support the dog’s hind legs.

Attached to the Walkabout harnesses are handles that make it easier to lift your dog without putting too much stress on your hands. The design of these harnesses ensures that your dogs can relieve themselves while still in the harness – a common pitfall of cheaper and poorly designed options.

Your dog can greatly benefit from Walkabout harnesses if it suffers from mobility issues in its hind legs. You can combine the original Walkabout harness, which is a rear limb harness, with the Walkabout Front End harness, a harness that provides support to the front limbs for better control.

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Types of Walkabout Harnesses

Another benefit of the Walkabout harnesses is that they come in various types:

The Walkabout Amputee Harnesses have been designed for dogs that have lost a limb but still require assistance with mobility. This harness comes in both back and front end harness designs. They have both been designed for dogs without a leg, particularly on the amputation site. This helps to promote comfort for your dog.

The Airlift One is a featured harness with adjustable handles. It is constructed from Airprene, which is a breathable material. This material makes the Airlift One great for use in warmer climates. You can get a front-end harness, rear end harness, or simply pair both up for dogs that require full support.

The Hoistabout and Walkabelly are more affordable handheld sling options. The Hoistabout is a smaller, more mobile version of the towel sling typically used on a dog recovering from spine surgery. It can also be great for quick and short trips outdoors. The Walkabelly is made for dogs that can work, albeit requiring some assistance.

Which Dogs Benefit Most from a Walkabout Harness?

Walkabout harnesses are ideal for dogs recovering from back, hip, or knee procedures and injuries. They have been designed to help your dog remain mobile and active longer. They are the trusted solution to turn to when it comes to managing your dog’s rehabilitation, arthritis, or mobility problems.

These harnesses can be left on during the day as there is enough clearance in the back and front for your dog to go potty.

Other Products in the Walkabout Harnesses Line

dog with walkabout harnsess

Here is a sampling of the many products you can find in the Walkabout Harnesses line. With so much variety, you are sure to find the right harness for your pup and his varying needs.

Walkabelly Support Lift: This full-body lift harness assists with leg, hip, and back mobility. It is a handheld neoprene pet sling lined with a sherpa fleece interior that provides both comfort and support for your dog.

Walkabout Harness Front and Rear Combination Harness: If you need to get your dog moving, this combo harness is just what you need. It is a complete harness support system that allows you to move your pet from one area to another while allowing them to move somewhat on their own.

In addition to the Walkabout harnesses you can choose from, they also have a line of Walkaboots, braces, and accessories. The Walkabout Knee Brace, for example, can help your furry friend recover after a knee injury. A compression knee brace can help reduce inflammation and relieve stress following an injury or surgery.

When it comes to accessories, you can find pet safety seatbelts, chest halters, face covers, comfort sleeves, suspenders, and much more.

Sizing Your Harness Correctly

You can get harness handles in varying lengths; however, Walkabout Harnesses allows you to select longer straps during your purchase.

Handle lengths:

Extra small, small: 21″

Medium small: 26″ 

Medium: 15″ 

Medium-large, large, extra-large: 12″

It is imperative to have the right measurement for your dog when getting the harness. To do this, you need to measure your dog’s upper thigh and abdomen.

upper thigh3″-5″5″-7″8″-11″11″-14″14″-16″16″-17″18″-22″

Walkabout provides custom fit harnesses for your pets and can help prevent back injury for pet owners when they are used correctly. Additionally, all sizes are available for a pet with an amputation. Just note which side has been amputated when you order, so you can get the perfect fit.

For more information on sizing and fitting your pet for their new Walkabout Harness, be sure to check out their videos on sizing available on the website.

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