TUSH Ultimate Support Harness Review

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As our beloved pets age, numerous health problems appear, and tasks that were once simple become challenging and even tricky.

Older dogs can feel the effects of their age as their movements become limited; daily tasks aren’t as appealing as before due to arthritis.

The TUSH Ultimate support harness can help your senior dog age with dignity.

The TUSH Ultimate Support harness is a comfortable and supportive way to help your senior dog get around. It’s made with high-quality, durable materials and is adjustable to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the TUSH Ultimate Support Harness – and how it compares to other rival harnesses that might be worth considering too.

What Is the TUSH Ultimate Support Harness?

TUSH Ultimate Support Harness Review

TUSH stands for The Ultimate Support Harness – it is manufactured by a company called TopDog.

The company first began life as a canine rehabilitation center by Dr. James St. Clair. After discovering a dearth of natural dog joint supplements and education content, he transformed the company into a dog joint health company.

The TUSH is a popular support harness, and the latest in a long line of successful mobility aids.

Getting The Correct Size

The TUSH Support harness with adjustable nylon straps is available in a number of size options that will fit a small to extra-large dog. When choosing a size, make sure you have room to make any adjustments you need for a better fit.

The TUSH harness is available in 4 sizes:

  • Small for 10 to 25-pound dogs
  • Medium for 25 to 45-pound dogs
  • Large for 45 to 80-pound dogs
  • X Large for dogs 85 pounds and over
TUSH Ultimate Support Harness

What We Like About The TUSH

The TUSH dog harness is not only an orthopedic aid, but an essential accessory for older dogs.

This is a full support dog harness that can provide an excellent degree of support in just about any situation where your best pal requires it.

The full support is designed to lift weight off your dog’s entire body. This harness is designed to anchor each of your dog’s limbs, enabling you to provide additional support with every step. And thankfully it’s designed in such a way that the weight burden doesn’t transfer entirely to the owner.

TUSH Support Harness Features

Considering that the TUSH is an almost everyday aid, it has been designed to be sufficiently durable.

This durability can help it withstand wear and tear, occasional nibble from your dog, and regular cleaning required. The handles of this harness are especially important, so they have been constructed to be durable.

They can also properly support your dog’s entire weight when in use.

The last thing you want is to have the handles snap under pressure and your dog dropping to the ground. To this end, the handles are made from highly resistant nylon fabrics. The handles are also machine washable, enabling you to clean them regularly without worrying about them fraying.

A dog support harness is more than just another accessory.

The TUSH’s orthopedic role can make a difference in your older dog’s life. This necessity makes this product essential as it helps ease the day-to-day actions of both you and your dog. Old age no longer has to be a limiting factor in your dog’s life. With the dog harness, they can still enjoy all the activities they once did, only with a little bit more help from you.

For one, sleeping on the couch can be your dog’s favorite pastime; however, getting down from the couch can be difficult for a dog with aching and sore joints.

With the TUSH harness, you can supervise this process, helping your dog get down.

Walks are another activity that dogs enjoy, but they can become tough on the body, particularly if your dog is suffering from arthritis.

The TUSH harness can be useful to take a bit of your dog’s weight, thereby alleviating the pressure on its ankles.

Adjustability is a watchword with the TUSH as it lets you fine-tune the layout, adapting the design to varying scenarios and your dog’s condition. For instance, if your dog’s hips appear particularly sensitive on a day, you can adjust the harness to take pressure off the rear. This feature is a bonus that stresses the orthopedic benefits of this harness.

The adjustability feature is also important when carrying your dog in and out of the vehicle, as the TUSH’s handles can be a massive help.

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What Dogs Benefit From TUSH Support?

TUSH Ultimate Support Harness

If you have an older dog, a dog with arthritis, one that is limping, recovering from orthopedic surgery, or a dog with neurological problems, then the TUSH Ultimate Support harness is definitely something to consider for their mobility and lumbar support. It is easy for you to use and is safe and secure for your dog.

It provides extra support as they go upstairs, go on walks, or as they get into the car.

Our Verdict on the TUSH Ultimate Support Harness

As dogs get older, being able to move around unaided and seamlessly can present a challenge.

When a dog is unable to move around engaging in the tasks and activities it once did, it can have a negative impact on its mental state.

Fortunately, dog harnesses like the TUSH Ultimate provide support right where your dog needs it.

It is a full-body harness, ensuring that you can provide additional support to your dog’s front or rear limbs, depending on where they feel the most pain.

The TUSH Ultimate has been designed to offer comfort thanks to its padded design. This ensures that your dog is still comfortable while you provide support to its limbs using the adjustable handles.

The thing we love most about this design is the adjustability. If you have a dog whose needs vary day by day, the TUSH is certainly worth considering as a flexible and durable full body support.

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