L’il Back Bracer Review

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Back injuries can be scary, so it’s important that you treat your dog’s back injury appropriately. Choosing a patented orthopedic back brace for your dog is one of the best ways to do that.

The L’il Back Bracer is the only patented orthopedic back brace to support your dog’s back after suffering from an injury or ailment. But aside from being the only patented orthopedic back brace, what else does the L’il Back Bracer have to offer?

That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

This L’il Back Bracer review will delve behind the L’il Back Bracer company and what makes them such a trusted dog brace among veterinarians and pet owners.

Let’s get started!

About the L’il Back Bracer Company

L'il Back Bracer Review

Some companies come into existence because a founder had an idea and ran with it. The L’il Back Bracer company wasn’t founded that way. It was founded on a real-life experience that had the company’s owners determined to find a solution for their dog.

Owners Cory and Veronica Brannon woke up one morning and noticed their one-year-old dachshund, Miles, was in pain and unable to stand up. They immediately took Miles to the veterinarian, where they were told that Miles had suffered a herniated disc, although no jump or fall had occurred.

Miles was prescribed a pain reliever and crate rest, but nothing else to help him deal with the pain for those times when he was not resting in his crate. That’s when Cory and Veronica jumped into action. It wasn’t fair that their one-year-old energetic dachshund had transformed into a pup that was in pain and losing his zest for life.

L’il Back Bracer Review

Cory and Veronica visited their veterinarian and began designing a dog back brace that could help their dog and other dogs diagnosed with similar conditions or injuries live a comfortable and healthy life.

The prototype was used on Miles, and it immediately brought him relief, but Cory and Veronica didn’t stop there. It was important that they design a product that did more than just work. They wanted to create a product patented by orthopedics to guarantee that all dogs could live a comfortable and full life by wearing a back brace during those active times in a dog’s daily life.

It took three years, but Cory, Veronica, and their veterinarian finally created an effective, comfortable, and supportive design. They named it the L’il Back Bracer, and it is now available for dogs of all sizes.

The L’il Back Bracer Review

dog running wear l'il back bracer review

So how does the L’il Back Bracer compare to other back braces, like the WiggleLess Back Brace?

Quick Features We Love About the L’il Back Bracer

  • Stabilization above and below the back. Some back braces only stabilize the back from the top. The L’il Back Bracer provides stabilization and compression from both above and below the back. This adjustable fit maximizes the compression and comforts your dog receives while wearing the dog brace.
  • Helps calm the dog’s nervous system. Pain takes a toll on a dog and can make them nervous. The L’il Back Bracer helps provide a snug fit and gentle constant pressure around your dog’s back to calm their nervous system while providing comfort and protection.
  • Easy to attach to a leash. The top of the L’il Back Bracer has a D-ring that allows you to attach a leash directly to the dog brace for easy walks.
  • Made of durable and breathable materials. This is one of our favorite features of the L’il Back Bracer. It’s made of Breathe-O-Prene fabric that is medical-grade, durable, and moisture-wicking material perfect for dogs.
  • Can be worn during bathroom breaks. You don’t have to worry about taking the brace on and off when your dog needs to go to the bathroom. It can stay on during all types of bathroom breaks.

Conditions and Ailments that the L’il Back Bracer Helps With

The L’il Back Bracer can help with all types of back issues, injuries, and conditions from mild to severe.


Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is common in small and large dogs. IVDD is a spinal disorder developed after a dog has herniated a disc in its spine. IVDD is classified as type 1 or type 2.

  • Type 1 IVDD is when the inner nucleus of an intervertebral disc protrudes from the spine, and this type most commonly affects smaller dogs
  • Type 2 IVDD is when the intervertebral disc is bulging from the spine, and this type most commonly affects larger dogs

Spinal Injuries

Pain associated with slipped discs, herniated discs, ruptured discs, arthritis, spondylosis, and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) can be treated using the L’il Back Bracer.

It’s important to know that Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) is a degenerative disease that can’t be cured or stopped. Putting the L’il Back Bracer on your dog with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) can help make your dog comfortable while coping with the disease.

Preventative or Post-Surgical Care

You can also use the L’il Back Bracer to protect your dog after surgery or preventative maintenance. If your dog has a higher risk of spinal injury, you can use the L’il Back Bracer on your dog to lower the risk of them developing an injury. The L’il Back Bracer is also recommended to provide spinal support after spinal surgery.

How to Use the L’il Back Bracer

The L’il Back Bracer comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), so you’ll need to take two simple measurements to know which size to choose for your dog. You’ll need to measure the length of your dog’s back and his chest circumference.

To measure your dog’s back, start at the shoulder blades and measure down the spine to where your dog’s tail begins. Your dog must be standing up to get an accurate measurement.

While your dog is still standing, measure the circumference of your dog’s chest just behind the front legs.

Use the following guide to help you determine which size to choose.

Back measurement = 11” to 13”Back measurement = 13” to 15.5”Back measurement = 15.5” to 17.5”
Chest measurement = 13” to 15”Chest measurement = 14” to 17”Chest measurement = 18” to 21”

Once you have chosen the correct size for your dog, you will need to make sure you use it correctly.

Putting it on your dog is easy if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Loosen all of the straps on the brace and undo the belly support strap so that it can go on your dog’s body easily.
  2. Slip the brace over your dog’s head and then gently put his legs through the front straps one at a time.
  3. Secure the belly strap around your dog to ensure it is securely in place but not too tight.
  4. Gently pull your dog’s back legs through the back straps, one at a time.
  5. Tighten the shoulder straps and Velcro them to the top of the brace, making sure there is no gap in this area.
  6. Pull the back straps forward across your dog’s back and crisscross them to give it the most support.

The back of the brace should be approximately two inches away from your dog’s tail. Make sure it is not covering your dog’s tail.

dog wearing li'l back bracer

Why We Trust the L’il Back Bracer

There is arguably no better back brace than the L’il Back Bracer. We trust it because it has helped numerous dogs suffering from the pain that comes with IVDD and other spinal cord issues and problems. Its ergonomic construction is comfortable for your dog and is appreciated by pet owners.

Cory and Veronica took their love for their dog to create a product that helps dogs live their best life as pain-free as possible. We have seen just how much a dog’s life can be improved in such a short time by wearing the L’il Back Bracer.

We like how easy it is to put the L’il Back Bracer on our dog and how we don’t have to take it off when we are taking our dog outside for a potty break. He can comfortably wear the L’il Back Bracer during the day and then take it off at night when he is resting.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a patented orthopedic support brace for your dog’s back, we recommend the L’il Back Bracer. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

It’s wonderful to see just how much a dog’s life can be improved by wearing the L’il Back Bracer, and that’s why we’d recommend giving it a shot for any back pain that your dog is experiencing.

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