GingerLead Harness Review

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The GingerLead dog support harness is a highly comfortable support sling that enables you to gently and safely assist your dog with their mobility recovery.

It is typically used by dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, mobility issues due to age, and other issues.

The GingerLead is also great for dogs who are post operative, cannot use a regular leash or collar due to injury, and even dogs who are fearful of walking.

Let’s take a closer look at why the GingerLead Harness is one of the leading dog mobility aids.

GingerLead Harness Review: Best Rehab Option?

Gingerlead Harness review

This rehabilitation harness is manufactured in the US and is constructed from soft corduroy, heavy-duty buckles, and high-quality nylon weave. This harness comes with a handle, optional attachment lead, adjustable straps, and a comfortable padded sling for your dog’s body.

The thick, cushioned body padding has a soft corduroy material that provides a gentle surface for your dog’s body and skin to prevent discomfort on essentially sore areas.

The straps on the harness are made from a strong nylon weave to ensure durability. They are also adjustable in length, and the heavy-duty metal buckles ensure the harness remains fastened at all times.

You can use the GingerLead support harness for the following injuries:


  • It comes in 7 sizes
  • Supports dogs up to 250 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • It has an integrated leash


  • The accompanied leash might be too long for people shorter than 6 feet
  • It does not contain a back strap to stop slipping

The GingerLead harness is manufactured by GingerLead, a family-owned business creating high-quality mobility aids for pets since 2008.

GingerLead, as a business, came into being due to a golden retriever named Ginger.

Ginger was born with hip dysplasia, and this experience inspired the brains at the company to help not only her but other animals in similar challenging stages of their lives.

What Sizes Does The GingerLead Harness Come In?

The GingerLead support harness comes in various sizes to ensure a harness for every dog. This product has the following sizes:

  •  X Small
  • Small- Female Only
  • Small- Male
  • Medium- Large Unisex
  • Large- Female Only
  • Tall- Female Only
  • Tall- Male
Gingerlead Harness Description

The GingerLead support harness is machine washable and durable. This means that you can use the GingerLead support harness on your dog even for walks through the mud without being concerned about its durability.

You can also adjust the support harness for height, ensuring it fits your dog perfectly. This feature also ensures that it doesn’t bunch up when your dog is in motion.

The GingerLead support harness offers the best method of support for your dog. It has a patented design that provides control and support for a safe recovery, especially after joint injuries, knee surgery, or IVDD.

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Finding the Correct Size

Gingerlead Harness Chart

The most effective way to measure your dog is from the chest to the waist. For instance, a small female GingerLead support harness is about 4 inches wide and 19 inches long.

You can adjust the straps from 37 inches to 60 inches long. You also have to consider pad width. To do this, you need to measure your dog from the base of its rib cage to its hind legs. This can help you determine the width of the support pad you need.

If your dog is a large barrel-chested dog, it might be necessary to downsize to the Small Size for a better fit. If you want a Medium Female fit, you can try the Medium/ Large Unisex option. You need to pay attention to the strap length on the GingerLead support harness.

You can measure from where the GingerLead support harness will rest in your hands (while standing upright) to your dog’s belly and then back to your hand to complete a loop. If it measures 37 inches at most, you need a Tall size for your dog.

Gingerlead harness strap

What Dog Is The Gingerlead Harness Best For?

Post-op orthopedic surgery patients use the GingerLead dog support sling for severe arthritis, old age, and neurological disease. The straps on the GingerLead support harness are made from double-sided Velcro strips that enable the support pad to remain in place once the handle is released.

This feature can be helpful for owners looking to leave the GingerLead support harness on their dogs. It gives the dog independence while eliminating or opening a door.

It can also help handicapped or older dogs with their balance and mobility. Dogs with these debilitating conditions require assistance and additional support going up or downstairs, walking to parks, into vehicles, or going outside to eliminate.

Below is a video of Ginger from GingerLead demonstrating how to use the stairs.

Our Verdict on the GingerLead Harness

Suppose your dog suffers from weakness in its limbs due to old age or issues like hip dysplasia. You’re going to need a harness to help him/her get around.

The GingerLead harness is one of several great options that supports your dog, enabling maximum mobility and minimal pain on stressed or declining joints.

The GingerLead support harness helps your dog move around comfortably. It comes equipped with adjustable straps, and the fabric is also double padded to ensure it doesn’t bunch up. Unlike other straps, the GingerLead support harness can be attached to your dog’s collar, ensuring you always remain in control.

This is a premium dog harness that provides an excellent long-term solution to reduced dog mobility.

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