How Does Cushing’s Syndrome Affect A Dog’s Mobility? 

How does cusing's disease affect a dog's mobility

Cushing’s Disease is not a term you want to hear in connection with your beloved canine friend. Unfortunately, dogs are as prone to disease as we are. Cushing’s Syndrome affects both dogs and humans. The symptoms of Cushing can often be mistaken for other conditions initially. One sign commonly seen in a dog with Cushing’s … Read more

What Causes Dog Leg Shaking?

What causes dog leg shaking?

Tremors in dogs can be explained as involuntary muscle trembling that consists of repetitive and uncontrollable muscle twitching. This is not a huge concern in many cases, but frequent dog leg shaking may be due to an underlying medical condition. It’s likely that the dog won’t notice the tremors if it’s not because of a … Read more