Balto Body Lift Review

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The Balto Body Lift is a back brace for dogs that serves two particular functions:

  • To help dogs with difficulty walking due to paralysis, trauma, disease, or motor difficulties
  • To help dogs with spinal issues. Offers greater stability

There are two removable rigid lateral splints in the side pockets to help stabilize the brace when used. These splints also compress the proximal areas of the spine in cases of neurological diseases.

The Balto Body Lift is a more comfortable solution for a dog who may be having difficulty walking because of recent trauma, disease, or paralysis. The brace supports and compresses the dog’s spinal column. It is a supportive lifting aid both dog and dog owner will find beneficial.

Balto Body Lift Review: Is The Back Brace Worth It?

Balto Body Lift Review


  • The Balto Body is made of soft breathable fabric that is washable
  • The Balto body brace is designed to be in use while your dog eliminates without soiling the brace
  • The padded grip ensures you can support your dog without excess stress on your hands
  • You can remove the handle straps
  • Has length adjustable handle straps


  • If care is not taken when putting the Balto body harness on male dogs, the strap could compress the urethra.

What We Like About the Balto Body Lift

You can use the Balto Body lift dog harness with a dog’s wheelchair. This feature ensures that it comes in handy in numerous situations. The harness has been designed for use even while your dog eliminates (no need for diapers!). This feature is useful as there are times when your dog really needs to go, and there might not be time to put it in a wheelchair.

You can use the Balto Body for those emergency potty breaks and late-night trips outside.

You can also use the Balto Body dog harness to lift your dog in and out of the car without worrying about your dog falling or you straining your back. This harness provides lifting support, helping you move your dog in and out of the car in a controlled manner. Without the Balto, one bad jump could result in your dog suffering from a serious injury.

It is no surprise that elderly dogs require help getting up off the floor. Joint pain, arthritis, and limb weakness can contribute to your doggo struggling to get up. It isn’t uncommon for dogs with painful or stiff joints to sleep more and become less active, exacerbating their mobility struggles.

The Balto Body Lift dog support harness enables your dog to find its balance and stand.

dog with balto body lift

You can also use the harness to maneuver your paralyzed dog inside, helping them navigate tight spaces. This is especially useful if you live in a home or apartment with narrow doorways and hallways that your dog might not be able to seamlessly fit through while in a wheelchair.

When a dog’s back or front limbs become weak, stairs become extremely difficult to navigate. A dog with weakened front limbs can struggle with how quickly they go down the stairs – or may stop using them altogether.

A dog in this condition might pick up speed as it goes down, making it appear to be falling. This is unsafe and causes injury. It could also cause an older dog to use the stairs without assistance.

Going up the stairs can also be difficult for dogs with weakened back legs. In this instance, a dog might not have the leg strength to propel itself up each step. Furthermore, dogs that can use the stairs without assistance can become tired or stop halfway and decide not to take another step due to exhaustion.

The Balto Body lift can help support your dog as it provides balance control and stability while improving your dog’s trust in its limbs.

With the Balto Body lift dog support harness, your dog knows that you are providing support and helping them use the stairs safely.

Selecting the Correct Size for a Balto Brace

Balto correct size guide

The Balto Body Lift is available in 5 sizes with the following measurements:

  • XS is created for dogs 9.85 to 12.6 inches or 25 to 32 cm
  • S is created for dogs 13 to 15.7 inches or 33 to 39 cm
  • M is created for dogs 15.75 to 19.30 inches or 40 to 49 cm
  • L is created for dogs 19.68 to 23.23 inches or 50 to 59 cm
  • XL is created for dogs over 23.3 inches or 60 cm

When measuring your dog to get the correct size harness, you need to measure the distance between the center of their shoulder and the center of their thigh.

How Does the Body Lift Compare to Other Harnesses?

When comparing the Balto Body Lift to other harness options out there, you need to take a closer look at its overall functionality. Some harnesses may tip your dog front or back when they are being used. This doesn’t happen with the Balto Body Lift.

It supports your dog’s entire body, keeping them safe and secure. The handles help support your dog’s spinal column and allow you to lift and stabilize your pup when they feel wobbly.

What Dogs Is It Recommended For?

The Balto Body Lift is ideal for dogs experiencing lameness, arthritis, osteoarthritis, full or partial leg paralysis, and post surgery rehabilitation.

It is made with breathable fabric, can be adjusted for a better fit, can be hand-washed, and adjusted, making it a good solution for most dog breeds who need help walking or need some stability.

Tips for Using the Balto Body Lift

balto harness

When you get your Balto Body Lift, it may take up to two weeks for your dog to come to terms with using it.

For this reason, start out only allowing your dog to wear the harness for 30 minute intervals each day. As your dog becomes more comfortable, you can increase that time steadily by 30 more minutes each day, up to 12 hours.

If you are having trouble with the harness or want to make sure that you are putting it on your dog the right way, don’t hesitate to consult with your vet. They can offer more specific instructions and tips when needed.

Always remove the brace so your dog can sleep soundly at night. Upon removal, look for any signs of skin irritation. Wipe the brace clean after each use and regularly inspect it for damage.

Our Verdict on the Balto Body Lift

If your dog is getting older or has recently suffered from an injury, it could be more difficult to move around.

They spend more time sleeping or staying in one position. This does nothing but exacerbates the mobility issues your dog is suffering from.

It also means that you will have to carry your dog from one point in the house to another. This can be stressful for both you and your dog. One way around this problem is to get a dog support harness.

The Balto Body Lift dog support harness fixes this problem by providing support to your dog. It doesn’t matter if your dog suffers from front or rear limb weakness; the Balto Body Lift can provide adequate support, ensuring your dog can regain its movement and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

With the Balto Body Lift, you can seamlessly support your dog when you take it on walks. The removable side splints also stabilize the spine, a particularly useful feature in dogs suffering from neurological issues.

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